The academies are the link between the clubs and the national team. They are controlled by the Head of Competitive Sports and are part of the SBSF competitive sports promotional concept introduced in 2014. At the academies, athletes receive advanced training aimed at developing them into competitive athletes. Members of the academies are regularly evaluated and their development tracked.
SBSF youth development is currently in the process of adapting to younger players. The quality of training is becoming measurable and results can be used for future U15 and U18 European Championships. Important conclusions and implications for the promotion of young players ensure continued improvement in the quality of training in the SBSF.
A career as an athlete ideally begins with the U12 team. The most talented junior players are then selected for the U15 “Academy” where their talent is shaped intensively at a higher level. The best among these players can then be selected for the U15 national team where they can gain their first international playing experience.
In order to attend the academies, athletes must go through a selection process. Meaningful talent selection is based on performance structures and takes performance determining factors into consideration based on their weighting. Unfortunately, many of these determining factors cannot be quantified with objective measurements. In order to achieve meaningful results, a combination of objective measurements and subjective coach assessment is necessary. The selection process must be transparent and comprehensible.
A minimum of 1,300 points must be achieved during try-outs in order to qualify for the Academy. All members of the national team are also automatically members of the Academy.

SBSF competitive sport promotional concept:

Competitive sports in the Swiss Olympic Association:
Academy dates:
June 24, Zurich Heerenschürli
August 12, Bern Allmend
September 9, Bern Allmend
October 7, Zurich Heerenschürli
October 16, Zurich Heerenschürli (try-out for 15/16 season)

Training times:
3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

The training sessions are directed by Ernesto Pereira (Bern Cardinals). He is supported by assistant coaches.
Chris Palatinus
Kurt Reinhard