Awards Night – Award Winners

Awards Night – Award Winners

SBSF Award Winners 2018:

Softball Best Batter: Melanie Wanner (Therwil Flyers)
Softball Best Pitcher: Rachel Nasland (Zürich Barracudas)
Softball MVP: Corina Grass (Zürich Barracudas)

1.Liga Best Batter: Alfredo S. Pérez (Dulliken Truck Star)
1.Liga Best Pitcher: Alfredo S. Pérez (Dulliken Truck Star)
1.Liga MVP: Alfredo S. Pérez (Dulliken Truck Star)

NLB Best Batter: Adderly Sarmiento (Zürich Challengers)
NLB Best Pitcher: Wil Figueroa (Zürich Challengers)
NLB MVP: Wil Figueroa (Zürich Challengers)

NLA Best Batter: Alex Rubanowitz (Zürich Barracudas)
NLA Best Pitcher: Evan Brisentine (Zürich Barracudas)
NLA MVP: Graham Fisher (Luzern Eagles)

Coach of the Year: Kathy Coyle (Zürich Barracudas)

Official of the Year: Marc Fischer (Youtube Channels Zürich Barracudas / SBSF)

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!


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