SBSF memberships and partnerships

Swiss Olympic

The SBSF is a member of Swiss Olympic. Swiss Olympic is both the National Olympic Committee of Switzerland and the governing body of the Swiss sports associations that represent both Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Swiss Olympic was formed on 1 January 1997 with the merger of the Swiss National Association for Sport (SLS) and the Swiss Olympic Committee (SOC) alongside the simultaneous integration of the National Committee for Elite Sport (NKES).

Swiss olympic logo

Jugend & Sport

The SBSF is a partner of Jugend und Sport . J+S provides courses and camps for children and young people in more than 70 sporting disciplines. Around 600,000 five to twenty year-olds attend over 55,000 sports courses or camps a year.

 Jugend + Sport Schweiz

CEB – Confederation of European Baseball

The SBSF is a member of the Confederation of European Baseball. The CEB is the governing body of 29 countries in Europe.

Confederation of European Baseball

IBAF – International Baseball Federation

The SBSF is one of the 112 member associations of the International Baseball Federation IBAF, which is based in Lausanne.

International Baseball Federation (IBAF)

ESF – European Softball Federation

The European Softball Federation was founded in 1976 and now has 32 members, including the SBSF.

European Softball Federation

ISF – International Softball Federation

The SBSF is also a member of the International Softball Federation. There are 110 member countries in this federation.

International Softball Federation

WBSC – World Baseball Softball Confederation

In 2012, the international federations for baseball and softball decided to join forces under the name World Baseball Softball Confederation in order to increase their chances of being reconsidered for the Olympic programme. The SBSF will also also be part of the new united world confederation.

World Softball Baseball Confederation